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  • Academic economist
    and consultant
  • Photographer
  • Working languages:
    FR, EN, DE, IT

Current positions

  • Ord. Professor,
    PSB - Paris School of Business
    and co-head of the newPIC chair
  • Ord. Visiting Prof. at LSB
    Luxembourg School of Business
  • Administrateur Délégué (CEO),
    ISK Consulting SA

Research specialization

  • Corporate strategy and
    Strategic management
  • Strategic management of knowledge
  • Management of complex programs
    Management of technology
  • Industrial organization, integration
  • Management of innovation
  • Knowledge theory, epistemology,
    methodology of the social sciences

Application domains

  • Aeronautics (civilian and military)
  • Telecoms for aviation and
    Air traffic management (ATM)
  • Space, Defense and Security (organization, programs, budgets)
  • IT-related industries


Hot news

Oct. 2022

Kick off of the website dedicated to my activities as photographer

Oct. 2019

Press conference and presentation of the research report commissioned by Genopole and Bpifrance on innovation intermediairies in the healthcare sector (co-headed with Valérie Merindol)

Sept. 2019

Kick off of a research project on academic innovation platforms for deep techs commissioned by Bpifrance Innovation and Bpifrance Le Lab (co-headed with Valérie Merindol).

I have a (part time) position as Visiting Ord. Prof for Luxembourg School of Business in addition to my position at PSB (newPIC chair)

June. 2019

Press conference and presentation of the research report commissioned by Bpifrance Le Lab and Innovation Factory on the comparison between innovation platforms in France and in Asia (co-headed with Valérie Merindol).

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