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Feel free to contact me to discuss research projects, education programs, or any type of cooperation.



I have residence in Luxembourg,
and I travel throughout the rest of the world
to meet clients and deliver academic contributions.

Academic positions

  • (Full) Professor at Paris School of Business
    (service model, 50% FTE)
    • Co-director, newPIC chair
      (new Practices for Innovation and Creativity)
  • Visiting (Full) Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Luxembourg School of Business  (part time)

Managerial positions

  • Founding Partner, Owner
    Administrateur délégué (CEO),
    and Senior Economist,
    • 128 avenue du X Septembre
      L-2550 LUXEMBOURG
      (Grand Duché du Luxembourg)

   @dwv13      @dwv13pentaxian

   david (at)
   david (at)
   dwv (at)
   dwv (at)

   +352-0-6 71 01 21 58 (LUX)
   +33-0-6 09 52 54 56 (FRA)

   +352-0-246 11 255 (LUX)
   +33-0-1 777 25 233 (FRA) or   (academic)   (photography)
   newPIC chair at PSB:   (consulting)


ORCID ID = 0000-0001-8427-8605


David W. Versailles


David W. Versailles