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We follow rules and patterns introduced with HTML5.0 and CSS 3.0 .

Templates and format follow Bootstrap v3.0 and DMXzone related elements and components.

The development and maintenance of this website has been insourced, and this explains why we need sooooo much time for updates.

The domain name is hosted by GANDI.NET, a French provider and web services host headquartered in Paris. We have selected to host our website and cloud services in Luxembourg.

We have registered several domains for our activities:

  • dwv.lu   .fr   for my personal website,
  • versailles.net   .cc   .one   .guru
  • davidwversailles.fr   .com   .eu   .xyz
  • dwv.me   .name   .blue   .red    .mobi   .io   .tel   .lol   .xyz
    for back-office and website administration
  • merindol.net   .eu   .gdn   .me   .xyz
    for Valérie Merindol's activities
  • newpic.fr   .info   .gdn   .club   .team    .news   .xyz
    for the activities of the newPIC chair
    co-headed with Valerie Merindol












We support activities of the Electronic frontier foundation.