Overview of contributions to education programs



ISK Consulting

ISK Consulting



    Master in Management
  • Strategic Management (EN), heading the course for PSB
  • Bid response management and elaboration of bid proposals (EN)
  • Basic business modeling (EN) (reverse classes and case study analysis)
  • Advanced business modeling (EN) (reverse classes and case study analysis)
  • Management of Innovation (EN)


    Master (PIISTE), initially with CNAM
  • Management of innovation, management of technology
  • Corporate strategy


    Master HR management, Belfort (UFR STGI)
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate social responsibility


    Ecole de l'air, Ecole militaire de l'air, EOAA
  • Research methodology
  • Introductory public economics, public finance theory
  • Industrial economics (basic + advanced)
  • Innovation management, R&D management (basic + advanced)
  • Organization theory, Organization management
  • Leadership management and ethics
  • Knowledge management and strategic intelligence


    Bachelor in Economics (Univ. Aix Marseille 3, Faculté d'économie appliquée)
  • Basic and intermediate microeconomics (B1+B2)
  • Basic and intermediate macroeconomics (B1+B2)
  • Intermediate monetary economics (B2) (B in economics, B in maths for economics [MASS])
  • Preparation for competitive exams for military shools (St Cyr), ENA and affiliated exams
  • History of economic thought, Economic history (B1 B2)
    Master in economic analysis of institutions (Univ. Aix 3 / FEA)
  • Epistemology, philosophy of science and knowledge theory (M2)


ISK Consulting

ISK Consulting



    Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)
  • Epistemology (EN)
  • Qualitative methods for research in management (EN)
  • (2014-2018) Organization and facilitation of activities in the research field
    "Strategic management, Corporate strategy, Innovation studies and Entrepreneurship"
  • (2014-?) Supervision of DBA theses in corporate strategy and strategic management
    Master in management (RRG program)
  • New management methods (FR)


    Executive MBA
  • Management of innovation, management of creativity
  • Business casing, Business modeling


    2d seminar on "New perspectives for the governance of innovation"
  • 2-days long program jointly designed by Valérie MERINDOL and David W. VERSAILLES for the Dept. of Knowledge Economics at the CDC (Caisse des Dépôts)
  • Profile of attendees: CDC senior execs in charge of running innovation-related (national and regional) projects for CDC
  • 3 rounds of training in 2014 and 2015, 12-15 persons per seminar