Dissertation for the Habilitation to supervise research (HDR), economics








The synthetic presentation of my research activities introduces three specific points. It stresses first the relevance of Agassi's institutional individualism to provide more relevant explanations in economics and in social sciences. It introduces then an update of my research about the articulation between micro- and macro-foundations in organization theory. In a third section, I zoom out from my specific position of faculty and academic researcher positioned in an adminstration and in an institution, with significant specificities in the Defense sector, to propose methodological recommendations.
My articles are grouped in three research areas:
  - individualistic methods and the nature of explanation in economics;
  - information, knowledge, competenc(i)es and Defense economics;
  - industrial organization and knowledge networks.

The dissertation is drafted in French.
Some articles are presented in original version, in English.



This HDR thesis is respectfully dedicated
to my friend and Doktorvater

Gerard Radnitzky,
Philosopher of science and Ju88, Me262 pilot

Picture: Gerard Radnitzky and Karl R. Popper in Alpbach, during the 1980ies


  • Institutionalist individualism; Joseph Agassi, Karl R. Popper, Lawrence A. Boland
  • Knowledge, Information, Knowledge networks
  • Methodology of the social sciences
  • History of economic thought
  • Austrian school of economics, Carl Menger, Friedrich A. von Hayek
  • System integration, Complex systems
  • Industrial organization, Knowledge integration
  • Defense, aeronautics (civilian and military)




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